Let love come to you….

It’s amazing how much we learn about ourselves after going through so much heartbreak, headaches, confusion, loss and just rough times in general. Finding a special relationship has never been my priority. Finding the right person was important but being in a relationship was never a rush for me. The loudness of noises coming from... Continue Reading →


The process….

In the midst of working towards our dreams and our goals, we often find ourselves worn out, tired and exhausted. Sometimes you find yourself asking, am I really working hard or am I not working hard enough? When the other end of the tunnel seems so far away, we start questioning the process wondering, is... Continue Reading →

Take the break. YOU need it!!

It’s been 3 months into recovery since I got injured from a trip to Samoa on February this year. I fractured my rib and was bed ridden for almost two months due to a serious staph infection on my leg. Having to go through this recovery process was very difficult for me, both physically and... Continue Reading →

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