Life is a constant battle.So keep walking!!

I think learning to capture your thoughts and seize negativity before it establishes itself in your head, is definitely a task in itself. I mean seriously! I have come to realize that we easily accept negative thoughts more than we do positive ones. So it becomes a task for us to renew our minds and battle through every thought that is often contradictory to what you believe you deserve and to what you are striving towards in life. Most of what helps me overcome negative thoughts is by meditating on God’s word. Reminding myself that I am more than a conqueror and that I am enough and sufficient. I have come to learn that speaking life over yourself is very important. You are all you’ve got, and you are all you have.

Self-love is very important. You need to give your heart a break and give your mind the rest it needs. Instead of constantly worrying and thinking about what to do, where to go from here, how to get to B from A; take that one crucial minute to BREATHE.  If what you are trying to figure out is not coming to you today, try tomorrow, and the next day and so forth. The best thing you have to do is never to give up.

Today I came across a very crucial statement from my LSAT Trainer book by Mike Kim, which states “The best way to ensure success is to deserve it”. I couldn’t agree more.  Instead of striving for your dreams as a one-way get away ticket from your current situation, strive for your dreams because you deserve the expected outcomes.  Strive for your dreams because you know for certain that you were born into this world to do more than just LIVE.  Finding your purpose is worth it. You never know what you’re capable of until you walk out the door and see for yourself.  Life is a journey worth walking. When you come to that point in your life where you feel defeated, tired, worn out, exhausted and feel like just giving it all up; REMEMBER, that stepping back into the door you walk out from, is like jumping back into a dark hole that had no light, no purpose, no direction and no hope. So isn’t it better to keep walking away from that door?

No matter what you do, and how you feel, remember to always fail forward. You are capable, you are enough and you are more than a conqueror. Pray hard and work tirelessly. Even if it seems like the road keeps getting longer and darker, remember that whatever is at the end of that road, is worth more than what you left behind you. One day you will look back and remember, that you have won the battle because you believed you are worth the reward. You earned that success. So don’t ever give up. Stay persistent and keep moving forward. You might just be ‘three feet away from that gold’.


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